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ONGC is a well known and established name in the field of natural gas and crude oil all over the globe. It has fulfilled the need of energy in India’s industrial development.

In 1956, Indian state established company named Oil and Natural Gas Corporation of India. Realizing the importance of gas and oil in industrial development of nation and an important role in defense Indian Government started taking steps forward for its production under public sector. ONGC has now become a largest energy company in Asia producing about 77 percent of crude oil and 81 percent of natural gas. It is one of the best public companies by market capitalization in India. ONGC Dehradun, Tel Bhawan is headquarter of the company.

ONGC is carving a niche for itself in energy sector with a manpower of approximately 41,000 people working in different sections. A large number of candidates desire for a job at ONGC. For this purpose, examinations are conducted for recruitment by ONGC. The forms are available on the official website as well as on shops providing job forms for participation in recruitment program. ONGC career provide varied opportunities in terms of salary and association with a reputed government firm. Only qualified and eligible candidates are able to make place in this company.

ONGC tenders details are also available on its official website browsing by help of which various companies can apply for tenders of different materials. The tender is only issued to a legitimate company through certain process.

ONGC Videsh is a completely owned subsidiary of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation which was renamed as ONGC Videsh in 1989 from its former name of Hydrocarbons India Limited company. The company looks for lands in foreign countries for exploration, production, development, transportation and exportation of oil and gas. It has made valuable contributions in the field of education, medical and sports facilities and generating opportunities for employment.

Every year ONGC reports are issued on its official website which depicts the yearly growth and profit made by the different subsidiaries of company. It contains all the statistics about financial development and other achievements made by ONGC in a past year.

A great contribution has been made by ONGC in economy of India as it is the largest company of crude oil and gas with huge manpower supporting it. It has immensely contributed in development of Indian oil and gas industry and carves a niche for itself across the world.