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Each and Every Year ONGC tender site issues several big tenders:

Oil and Natural gas Corporation (ONGC) is the largest public sector company, which has high returns on its investments. Each year several numbers of tenders are invited by ONGC. The Headquarter of ONGC is situated in Dehradun and is considered as top three E&P companies in India.

ONGC Videsh is ancillary of ONGC which aims at finding hydrocarbons. ONGC tender sites are very popular as they attract large number of businessmen. Proper strategy and approach should be followed by these businessmen in order to win and capture such big tenders.

In India, there are four ONGC tender sites that issues tender notices, which are Assam, Gujarat, Delhi and Dehradun. Genuine manufacturers can only participate in this bidding. If you want to apply for tender, you simply need to take a blank tender document after submitting the requisite tender fees. For submitting the application, you’ll need to attach certain mandatory files like copies of balance sheets, certificates; sales tax, experience certificates and service tax etc and your original copies will be verified at the time of issuing tenders. If you are unable to provide all of your documents, then your tender will be cancelled. Furthermore, you can purchase tender by visiting the ONGC tender sites and paying tender fees online. Moreover, you have to submit the bid before your closing date; otherwise your bid will be cancelled.

Various tender notices are invited by ONGC tender sites:
♦ Among them, the famous ones are supplies of rotary substitutes, procurement of liquid nitrogen Storage tank etc.
♦ Delhi tenders are invited for certification of ONGC installation having QHSE management system, procurement of A-4 size photocopier paper, and procurement of various types of fire tenders etc.
♦ Tenders are invited in Gujarat for hiring the services of natural gas compressor, electrical work additional rooms and toilet etc.
♦ Tenders are also invited in Dehradun, which are supply of quick solvent extraction unit and purchase of slush pump spare parts in Dehradun etc.

Furthermore, you can get full fledge details of the tenders by visiting ONGC tenders sites. Here are some essential tips by which you can easily win tenders:

♦ Firstly, gather information and details of client need and focus on time period as timely deliveries of products are mostly liked by the companies.
♦ Secondly, the written tenders should be free from all types of mistakes and errors. For that purpose, you need to deliver the correct information, in order to attract the company.

At last, it can be said that the tenders of ONGC are very important and must be handled and written with concern as ONGC tender sites provide complete information of tenders, which are issued by ONGC.