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ONGC presents its annual reports every year on its official website. Anyone can go through them and have an idea about the kind of work it is doing and the graph of performance.

Oil and Natural Corporation (ONGC) provides an intranet portal for its employees in India. The ONGC reports net portal is only accessible to the employees who are currently a part of ONGC. It cannot be accessed by any outsider. One needs a CPF number which the serial number of the employee and a password in order to gain access to the web portal. This ONGC reports website contains the reports regarding the annual growth of the company. When anyone try to navigate to the portal it shows an SSL error by clicking on proceed button you can reach the site but donít have access until you provide CPF number and password.

Nevertheless, you can have access to the annual reports of ONGC as well as its subsidiaries through official website of ONGC. These reports are in the form of PDF documents and you can easily access them from anywhere. Annual reports contain consolidated data about the progress and other details of the company. It has the name of all the subsidiaries of ONGC and are currently working under the brand like ONGC Nile Ganga, B.V.ONGC Narmada Limited, ONGC Amazon Alaknanda Limited etc. There are many such names depicted in the document. Reports are a glance at the companyís performance in various aspects in terms of market scenario. The document also contains the relevant pictures of the plants and the workers associated with plant.

A brief is given about the subsidiaries of ONGC their locations, work done and performance achieved. The report depicts the year wise production of crude oil and natural gas manufactured by ONGC and its subsidiaries. Like in current report the profit made by company in financial years 2008-2009 is 28,067 Million, 2009-2010 is 20,896 Million and 2010-2011 is 26,905 Million per year respectively.

Annual report 2013-14

Total Revenues: Rs 909,160 Cr.
Net Profit (PAT): Rs 220,948 Cr.
Plan expenditure: Rs 324, 695 Cr.
Total Expenses: Rs 584,837 Cr.
An amount of Rs 1611 Crore has been provided during the financial year 2013-14 towards contribution for conservation of Post Retirement Benefit Scheme (PRBS).
The PBT (Profit before Tax) for the quarter ended 31st March 2014, is higher by 397 Crore.